Viral Marketing


What is viral marketing?

As I want to work in marketing after having received my diploma I want to collect some information about different marketing tools. For the beginning I did some research on viral marketing. By doing so, I finally found this website, including a post from Matt Peters.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Viral marketing is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing, whose effect is multiplied by the fact that it is diffused via the internet. The effect is illustrated by the image above. What it makes so effective is that it often doesn’t become evident at first sight that the received document is an advertisement. In addition to this, people are often more open towards advice and recommendations of friends than towards conventional ads.

“Super-participants make viral marketing work”

What I learned from Matt Peter’s blog is the concept of a person he calls super-participant. This is the person illustrated in the middle of the diagram above. He outlines the high importance of this person for the success of this kind of marketing campaign. If you also want to learn something about the role of super-participants in marketing, check out this website. It is really interesting. Another thing I liked about this post is that the author includes some diagrams clarifying his theoretic description of the viral marketing conception.

Examples for viral marketing

If you want to watch a well-known, typical and funny example of viral marketing, just click on the following link: Viral Marketing at Death Star Germany.

But unfortunately, viral marketing can also have a negative impact on the brand if the spot is not admired by the public. Watch this: Funny advertising – Fort SportKa and form your own view on it…

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3 Responses to “Viral Marketing”

  1. Bruce Spear Says:

    NICE Marlene, the format works well, and you’ve found some great stuff, including a brief introduction to the concept and the humorous video at the end … that video at the end does indeed give me something to do, that’s nifty. But now let’s think about making it richer: how next time trying to balance comedy with seriousness, as in, finding a website that goes deeper than you have time to go right now, but let’s your reader tap into the deeper thinkers and thinking. Then you might give your readers a choice of “viral lite” and “viral dark”, or?

  2. The Trojan Horse – brainwave or illegal weapon? - Andreas Scheel alias Euphorion Says:

    […] how Trojan Horse Marketing works.Who uses Trojan Horse Marketing and why?Like its famous antecessor Viral and Guerilla Marketing Trojan Horse Marketing is more or less born out of […]

  3. Romona Zeches Says:

    One thing numerous article marketers overlook is to maintain their information concise and sweet. Even the most enlightening posts could trigger irresistible waves of sleepiness sometimes.

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