Guerilla Marketing


What is Guerilla Marketing?
According to Tom Richard in his article ‘Guerilla Marketing: 4 Ways To Generate More Traffic Next Week’ , Guerilla Marketing is an “unconventional marketing designed for low budgets and maximum impact”. The spectrum of different ideas in this field is nearly unlimited. If you want to have a more detailed definition of this marketing tool just click on

What seemed really interesting to me concerning Tom Richard’s article is the fact that he describes in detail some important and widespread techniques in the domain of Guerrilla Marketing. This helps to get a concrete idea of this tool.

Thank-You Take-A-Way Packets
The first technique he describes is the ‘Thank-You Take-A-Way Packet’. This means offering a service to your customers and thanking them for being your customers at the same time. The definition includes some ideas for this packets and how you can adapt them to your own business.

Website Co-Branding
Tom Richards commends the ‘Website Co-Branding’ in case you have a strong guerilla partner network. Therefore, two partners link their websites in order to offer the consumers an additional value. By reading the article you will find a suitable example for this form of Guerrilla Marketing.

Lunch and Learns
The ‘Lunch and Learns’ technique is based on the idea of offering profound and relevant information to people without expecting anything in return for it. Because it is exactly in this situation when people will give something in return. If this idea has awoken your interest read this article and you will understand how it works.

Be A Guest Columnist In A Newsletter
Being a guest columnist in a newsletter can also represent a form of Guerrilla Marketing. By doing so you will communicate your name to the public which may incite potential customers to get in contact with you.

Examples for Guerilla Marketing
It is really incredible how many different ideas people had in order to market their products. In the following I have reassembled some links to websites and an video showing creative ides in the filed of guerrilla marketing. Perhaps this inspires you for your future marketing activities…

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3 Responses to “Guerilla Marketing”

  1. elisabethtran Says:

    Hi marlene,

    I was reading some posts of your blog
    and I ve seen this lovely article about “guerilla marketing”
    It is really interesting because according Tom Richards, it is a process for low budget.

    But do you know that Hornbach Baumarkt AG, a huge german material supplier, made kind of guerilla marketing this year?

    It was for the exhibition “TORSTRASSE 166- Haus der Vorstellung” hosted by hornbach. It was a building (plan to be renovated) and a international collective of quite known artists (Raumlabor, Chiharu Shiota) built exhibitions there. It was quite successful, a lot of people. The entrance was free. Even the cookies club were also organizing some private parties there. I was there and it was just great, the concept was really good.

    Why did they do that?
    Because now we can see Hornbach as a pioneer and mentor in promoting an innovative artist project. That is what we all see but if you think about Hornbach made a huge ad doing that. Of course during the visit, you can see everywhere that hornbach hosted this exhibition, at the entrance they distributed some Hornbach magazines, flyers were everywhere.

    So only SMEs can do that…?

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